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Spring Turkey Hunts

Maine’s spring turkey hunts are allowed annually during the month of May. Each year season dates vary.

3 Day Hunt – Monday through Wednesday –  $500.00/person

5 Day Hunt – Monday through Friday –  $700.00/person

Includes: transportation during the hunt

Does Not Include: Lodging or meals, hunting license / turkey permit, clothing, boots and personal hunting gear


January 1st to March 31st

Two ice fishing desinations are available:

Millinocket Area – Lake Trout, Salmon and Brook Trout

Belgrade Lakes – Northern Pike

Fishing out of heated ice shantys using tip-ups and jigging rods.

1 Day
1 Person            2 People               3+ People
$250.00             $150.00/person         $125.00/person

2+ Days
Subtract $25.00/person for each day

Junior (under 16)

Includes: transportation from shore to heated ice shanty, all fishing equipment and bait, hot breakfast and lunch on ice, snacks, hot and cold drinks, on ice restroom

Does Not Include: fishing license, warm clothing and boots

Predator Hunting

Millinocket Area

Coyote, Fox, Bobcat
December to May

Full Day guided hunting adventures using calling techniques.


Does Not Include: Hunting license, Boots & Camo clothing, Food & Drinks


June 1st through August 31st – Penobscot River – Landlocked Salmon and Brook Trout

June 1st through August 31st – Remote Ponds / Hike in fishing within Baxter State Park – Brook Trout

Full Day and Evening Only guided adventures available. Fishing on remote ponds within Baxter State Park.

Includes: All fishing equipment, transportation
Does Not Include: Fishing license, Food & Drinks

Full Day (Week Days Only)
1 Person            2 People             3+ People
$225.00             $125.00/person       $100.00/person

Evening Only (Any Day)
1 Person            2 People             3+ People
$60.00              $35.00/person        $30.00/person

Moose Tours in the Baxter State Park Area

June 1st to August 31st

3 Hours, Evenings only

Adults               Junior (Under 16)
$30.00/person        $20.00/person

Hiking Baxter State Park

June 1st to August 31st

Full Day guided adventures available (Week Days)

2 person minimum (adult)
Junior (Under 16) – $80.00/person

Does Not Include: Food & Drinks

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